2nd of January 2024

-The Bug print and play game has been updated.

12th of April 2023

-Things are going great! I've revived an old project that I'm keen on completing. I'm working pro-bono on a small project for a great artist. Pixel Killers - The Showdown is far from dead, I've made some important progress on the network code, I just need to make one more push-through on the development side for online multiplayer to work again, and better than ever! I've tested it, and it runs great now! Finally, I play-tested The Bug again yesterday, I got to play the detective role for the first time and I loved it! I got some good feedback I can use the next time I update that game.

15th of March 2020

-Join the fight against Covid-19! You can help scientists by letting them use your computer power through the Folding at Home app. Geezer Games got a team, 238002. I hope you will join our team or any other team, or just go solo. You can also join a similar program called BOINC.


7th of December 2019

-The first version of the physical print-a-free-board game Kingdoms in Conflict is now available. Kingdoms in Conflict ZIP file

3rd of November 2019

-I'm working on several different projects, but if any of them gets some love from gamers, that game will get more focus.

23rd of May 2019

-Pixel Killers - The Showdown has been curated by Sven Evil


-I'm working on an update for Pixel Killers - The Showdown with visible flying bullets.

5th of November 2018

-I have released a small game on Google Play for Android called Infected Machine. It is a minesweeper-type game where you have to clear the infection from the machine. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=infected.machine

27th of May 2018

-Pixel Killers - The Showdown has for some time now been available with an online play feature if you opt-in on the public beta. I am currently improving the dedicated server app, so sometime soon you will be able to host your own server for people to play on and I will host a few instances myself. You can of course also host a session directly from within the game itself.

-I have been interviewed by www.playingindies.com and you can find the interview right here.

4th of February 2018

-A huge update for Pixel Killers - The Showdown is underway, but I have to learn C++ first for it to be complete, after that a huge task of porting the game lies ahead of me. Stay tuned.

28th of September 2017

-A Spanish site wrote about Pixel Killers - The Showdown, stating that the game nods to two great 90's movie titles, Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects. What an honor! Here is a Google-translated version of the article (not two OR four players but two TO four players):

Pixel Killers - The Showdown is an action game designed to be enjoyed, in its zenith perspective, by two or four players in a competitive way in different game modes. With tons of blood and huge urban levels, as well as a lot of weapons to carry, in Pixel Killers - The Showdown will live and will collect numerous nods to the cinema of the nineties genre in the form of parody to Reservoir Dogs and Suspects Usual.

Link to original article: http://www.vandal.net/juegos/pc/pixel-killers-the-showdown/52056

25th of September, 2017

-The Geezer Games site and the Steam store page for Pixel Killers - The Showdown received an overhaul today.

12th of September, 2017

-Pixel Killers - The Showdown will be released on September 15th on Steam. You can find it here: Pixel Killers - The Showdown on Steam store

29th of August, 2017

-Pixel Killers - The Showdown is almost ready for release. I have to make some promotional videos for the game in order to complete the Steam store page, and I am still adding small things to the game, I also have intentions of adding more content after release at some point.