-Play with your friends (or foes, if you can lure them to a computer with Pixel Killers - The Showdown installed).

-Top down, old school game.

-Local shared screen multiplayer.

-All VS All, 2 VS 2, 2 VS 1 + sentry.

-Deathmatch (Waste 'em).

-Hold the suitcase for X minutes (Deal gone bad, hold the cash).

It's Friday night, invite your friends over, have them bring their controller, gather around a screen, load up Pixel Killers - The Showdown, fight each other over a suitcase full of money in "Deal gone bad, hold the cash", or just have a good 'ol deathmatch in a game of "Waste 'em".

This game was made out of a passion for playing with friends. The market for local multiplayer seemed a little underserved on the PC platform at the time of development. This game strives to help promote couch games on PC. Hopefully, there will be many more games aiming at couch gaming for the PC. Online gaming is great fun, but it ain't the same as having a sit-down with your friends and telling them to their faces how much they suck at gaming! Some of the best gaming experiences that I have had myself have been local multiplayer sessions. I want to make games that enable players to have fun and compete against each other when together.

A little practical info:

This game is built for Xbox controllers. PS3 and PS4 controllers can be used with Xinput drivers/wrappers. Other controllers that are Xinput compatible should also work.

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Base Profile Screenshot 2017.08.24 -
Base Profile Screenshot 2017.08.24 -



The Bug - Alpha Set v4

-Print-a-boardgame that you can download, print, and play.

-Play as cunning criminals planning a heist.

-Play as a sharp police detective unraveling this plan.

-For 3 players.

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